Should Trump appoint a special prosecutor?

Only a special prosecutor can uncover truth

They won't provide the answers we need

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The way that Trump dismissed former FBI director James Comey signals that the president has something to hide, which should be looked into by a special prosecutor, write Bill Moyers and Michael Winship of Moyers and Company. They infer that Trump fired Comey because he was uncovering compromising information, comparing the president's actions to those of autocrats in Turkey and the Philippines. The way he has labelled allegations of ties to Russia as "fake news" are particularly troubling to Moyers and Winship. They hold that a special prosecutor is needed to implement a thorough and unpartisan investigation in order to find out the truth.

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Appointing a special prosecutor would not result in the outcome that Democrats hope for while wasting resources and time unnecessarily, asserts Jonathan S. Tobin of National Review. According to him, past examples have shown that special prosecutors started to focus on different people than they were meant to, allowing decision-makers to avoid a full punishment. Tobin alleges that the power tends to go to their heads and they end up going for plea-bargain sentences. Appointing a special prosecutor would likely result in the indictment of smaller White House officials while not answering any of the public’s questions, believes Tobin.

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