Is Trump approaching North Korea appropriately?

Trump's North Korea approach is flawed

He's handling the country with prudence

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President Trump’s latest calm words on North Korea don’t disguise his altogether flawed agenda in dealing with the regime, holds Julian Borger of the Guardian. He still felt the need to warn North Korea not to “try us,” while boasting of having a US nuclear submarine in the region. Too often the president has used words that provoke rather than calm this already tense situation. He has implied that he considers a preemptive strike a viable option. This is worrying, as the results of it would almost certainly be disastrous. Trump’s rhetoric has turned the situation into a posturing competition. Composed diplomacy would be preferable.

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The composed approach that President Trump has chosen on his recent visit to Asia is exactly what the situation with North Korea needs, asserts Hong Seok-Hyun in the Washington Post. South Koreans felt relieved by his commitment to ensuring their safety. Trump has shown the regime that he is open for negotiation but won’t tolerate further provocation. He has realized that North Korea’s posturing must be met with determination. Preventing the regime for acquiring long-range nuclear weapons is the biggest priority, which Trump is working to uphold. Standing up to their saber-rattling, while keeping a door open for negation, is the best way forward.

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