Should Trump have criticized kneeling NFL players?

Trump wrong to criticize kneeling athletes

He has the right to express his frustration

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The role of a U.S. president should be to unite a country and not divide it by enraging tempers, holds Mitch Albom of Detroit Free Press. President Trump insulting Colin Kaepernick’s mother, calling for football players to be fired for kneeling and telling fans to boycott the NFL only makes the current situation worse. He may be exercising his right to free speech but, as the president, he should be keeping a cooler head, not shouting profanities. Even if one doesn’t agree with the players, they have the right to express their opinions without being attacked and fired for it. The way that Trump riled up his crowd against them was un-presidential and inappropriate.

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President Trump, just like the kneeling NFL players, is justified in expressing his opinions publicly, believes Ron Chimelis of Mass Live. He represents a large part of the population that is displeased with their actions. The football players chose a sporting event to broadcast a very political message, which isn’t really appropriate. Trump has every right to express this. The players that kneel do so, knowing that they are upsetting a lot of people by disrespecting the national anthem. Expressing an unpatriotic message deservedly got them criticism, from the public and the U.S. president. Trump’s words embody the Americans that were insulted by this.

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