Should Trump decertify the Iran Nuclear Deal?

Iran Deal is a must for peace

It is ineffective and must end

 Getty: Spencer Platt / Staff

President Trump is reportedly planning to decertify the Iran Nuclear Deal. This would be a grave mistake that would hurt America’s interest in the Middle East and make the region less safe, writes the New York Times Editorial Board. First and foremost, the deal is working in preventing Iran from building nuclear weapons. It has not broken the deal’s rules. Decertifying it anyway would push Iran away from cooperating with the West and adopt a more confrontational stance. This would affect the unity of America’s alliances, as members overwhelmingly back the deal. Trump shouldn’t take this risk as it would have dire short- and long-term effects.

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President Trump must kill, not just decertify, the Iran Nuclear Deal, believes Andrew C. McCarthy of National Review. Iran has repeatedly broken its rules and is preventing observers from monitoring its nuclear weapons activity. Besides the deal, Iran is a huge sponsor of terror in the Middle East, ranging from Hamas to the Taliban. It continues to defy international resolutions and is developing ballistic missile technology. The nuclear deal has allowed tens of billions of dollars to flow into the country. Iran is having its cake and eating it too, as it continues to get closer to building nuclear weapons. Trump must stop this deal as soon as possible.

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