Trump should fire McMaster

He is too important to let go

 Getty: Alex Wong / Staff

National Security Advisor H. R. McMaster divides the White House and should be fired, suggests Justin Raimondo of Anti War. He goes against Trump’s “America First” isolationist policies, leaning towards intervention in the Middle East. Constant feuds with Steve Bannon over China, the Iran Deal and other issues have created unneeded tension. Particularly questionable is McMaster’s insistence on getting rid of Trump personnel in favor of people from the previous administration that are close to him. Some of these have been accused of being behind recent White House leaks. McMaster is an unsettling presence, who should be removed.

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The media has unfairly labeled H. R. McMaster as a troublemaker in the White House who isn’t loyal to President Trump, which is not the case, claims Victor Davis Hanson of American Greatness. The retired general has always been outspoken, but in a way that has advanced the administration's strategies. He understands foreign policy well and has tried to ease the transition from Obama’s rather passive approach to that of Trump, which is more hands on. Liberal journalists have tried to discredit McMaster in the eyes of conservatives to undermine Trump. He is, however, a significant and devoted servant to the president.

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