Is Trump Too Friendly With Russia?

A tougher U.S. stance is needed against Russia

Trump is right to seek better relations with it

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It is now clear that the Russian government worked to influence the 2016 US election. The president needs to take a tougher stance and show that this kind of sabotage of American democracy won’t be tolerated, asserts the USA Today Editorial Board. Unfortunately, the president has been too quiet in calling out Russia’s misdeeds and too timid in applying sanctions. Already Russia is working to influence the result of the 2018 midterms. Trump should be doing everything he can to prevent this from happening and punish the country for its actions. Especially now that we know what Russia did, Trump must show strength.

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Russia can be a key strategic US ally, and President Trump is right to seek better relations with it, writes Anatol Lieven in The New York Times. Particularly in the Middle East, its cooperation could help with issues that America is unlikely to solve on its own. Russia’s connections to Turkey and other countries could be key in eliminating ISIS. While its actions in Eastern Europe weren’t exactly exemplary, they happened in a region with immense strategic, cultural and historical value to the former Soviet Union. It is highly unlikely that Russia will do the same in Eastern Europe or against NATO allies. Trump is right to maintain a friendly stance with Russia.

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