Is Trump justified in attacking LaVar Ball?

Ball's words warranted criticism

Trump should have ignored him

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LaVar Ball attacking President Trump on Twitter after he brokered his son LiAngelo’s release from a Chinese prison was tactless. The president is warranted in reacting to Ball's harsh words, suggests Dan Wetzel of Yahoo Sports. The correct response to seeing his son get out of jail would have been to thank Trump. Lashing out at him, when Ball should really have been grateful, was wrong. There is currently another American held in China whose trial pointed to his innocence. Still, he has been in detention for 14 months now. Ball and his son got extremely lucky that he was able to get off so easily, after admitting to his crime. A bit of gratitude would go a long way.

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President Trump’s reaction to LaVar Ball criticizing him on Twitter was entirely pointless and unjustifiable, infers John Daly of Bernard Goldberg. One can't deny that Trump made a difference in getting Ball’s son out of jail. But he showed how incredibly thin-skinned he is by ranting about Ball’s lack of gratitude on Twitter. Needlessly divisive, our president should have let go of the situation and ignored the comments. His role is to unite the American people, not divide them with petty arguments. Ball was clearly being ungrateful, but that doesn’t mean Trump needed to respond. He should fulfill his presidential duties without the need to be praised for doing his job.

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