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Is Trump making America great again?

He is hurting America's influence

Trump is fixing its issues

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Donald Trump’s presidency has robbed America of the international recognition and influence that made it so uniquely special, believes Roger Cohen as published in Der Spiegel. From the very beginning, he has shunned globalization, NATO and other US-led concepts that cemented it as the peacekeeper of the world. By promising to pull out of deals and treaties, he is hurting the trust that was once put in America’s word. China and Russia are lavishing this opportunity to gain influence where America’s is starting to wane. Attacking historic allies and catering to violent dictators, Trump has shaken the alliances that once united the West with the US.

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Divisive as he may be, President Trump has shored up the economy, reinforced traditional American values and protected the country from outside threats in the form of other countries and illegal immigrants, asserts Victor Davis Hanson of American Greatness. He was the natural response to the liberal conformism that has taken over large parts of the country. Trump’s policies have unleashed US businesses and accelerated growth. Abroad, he is projecting strength while pursuing America’s best interests. In doing all these things, he has represented the real citizens of a country, that was leaning far too left. Trump brought the US back onto the right track.

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