The media needs Trump, not vice-versa

He depends on it to rile up supporters

 Getty: Sandy Huffaker / Stringer

The liberal press relies more on Trump for stories and relevance than the president relies on it for coverage, holds Michael Walsh of the New York Post. Journalists on the left have relentlessly criticized the president's actions, without which they would have a lot less to write about. Trump’s immense media presence and controversy has supplied heaps of material for newspapers. He can chose when to stop providing it. Particularly as news agencies reveal their partisan loyalties, Trump has less and less of an incentive to continue supplying them with news content, which would be to their detriment.

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President Trump relies on the media far more than one would assume, as an enemy and uniting factor for his administration, argues Ryan Lizza of the Washington Post. His election campaign was fueled by antagonism against Hillary Clinton and her alleged misdeeds. Once in office, though, Trump has found it difficult to drop that rhetoric. So, with the advice of his top strategist, Steve Bannon, he has turned the media into his main opponent. In so doing, he has unified his supporter base and team against the press. Trump’s us-versus-them anti-press rhetoric has inspired conservative America, much to the president’s benefit.

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