Was Trump Right To Recognize Jerusalem As Israel’s Capital?

This shift would undermine peace

Trump is rightly protecting Israel

 Getty: Spencer Platt / Staff

President Trump’s decision to recognize all of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital would kill peace talks with Palestine and stoke conflict in the whole region, infers Ian Black of The Guardian. Originally divided with Jordan, Israel captured the city’s eastern side in the war of 1967 and has held onto it ever since. The international community doesn’t recognize Israel’s claim to east Jerusalem, which Palestinians see as the capital of their eventual state. If peace is ever to be achieved, the city will need to be addressed during negotiations, not like this. Trump’s move could enrage the whole Arab world, reducing US influence and making peace a far more distant prospect.

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Recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s true capital is not only correct and long overdue, it would actually promote peace in the region, asserts Jake Novak of CNBC. Signaling America’s undying commitment to one of its closest allies will scare off the enemies that hope to destroy Israel. Many in the Arab world deny its right to exist and believe that its people can eventually be pressured into leaving. That cannot happen. Saudi Arabia and Israel have improved relations in ways that make this move less provocative than some claim. Ensuring Israel’s safety is a priority in the bigger quest for peace in the Middle East. Trump is taking the right steps to do just that.

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