Should Trump have recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital?

This move imbalances the region

Now proper negotiations can begin

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President Trump’s move to label all of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital is needlessly provocative, throwing fuel onto the fire that rages in this volatile region, asserts Ishaan Tharoor of The Washington Post. The east side of Jerusalem is claimed by Palestine. Up until now, the US and international consensus has been that this decision would be taken in conjunction with peace talks, not apart from them. Trump is losing America its role as a mediator between Israel and Palestine by outrightly siding with the former. The US position has long been to reduce tensions and favor diplomacy. This measure will boost terrorism and instability in the Middle East.

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President Trump’s decision to officially recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel is the correct thing to do and paves the path towards peace, argues Jonathan S. Tobin of National Review. Palestinians and other Arab nations have long denied Israel’s right to exist, not to mention its right to Jerusalem as its capital. With this step, Trump is signaling that Israel is here to stay and has a historic right to the Holy City. Peace is only an option once Palestine accepts this. Acknowledging their right to east Jerusalem as the capital of their state would be the best next step. Trump’s statement was symbolic; if violence does arise, it’s because of Palestinian belligerence.

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