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Is Trump right to attack the FBI?

Trump wrong to criticize the FBI

He's right, it has done a very poor job

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President Trump’s countless attacks on public institutions and government agencies have undermined the adherence to laws and the precise work that they do, suggests Jack Goldsmith of The Atlantic. The public servants grinding away for these entities are being significantly demoralized by the president’s accusations. It has always been the desire to uphold American justice and integrity that motivate these people. When Trump calls them biased or partisan, he withers the loyalty that kept them from pursuing more lucrative jobs in the private sector. He is simply trying to discredit his accusers, but in doing so, is hurting our nation’s most important institutions.

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The FBI has been caught in an embarrassing web of lies over the Clinton investigation, which justifies President Trump’s criticism, holds Roger L. Simon of PJ Media. Poor investigating by the bureau resulted in Hillary Clinton avoiding punishment for her use of a private email server. Letting a pro-Hillary Clinton agent be a part of the Mueller investigation into Russia meddling was another serious blunder. Meanwhile, the FBI has disguised and distracted from its behavior. It has cared more about self-preservation than bringing the truth to light or enforcing justice. Trump is right to talk badly of it; this kind of behavior is deeply worrying.

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