Is Trump right to call terrorists ‘losers?’

Trump calling terrorists 'losers' is superficial

Trump is right, terrorists tend to be misfits

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Win, win, win. Trump calls terrorists "losers" because of his limited worldview and principles that prioritize success over anything else, suggests Peter Beinart of The Atlantic. He abstains from calling them "monsters" because that would give them a form of importance that he understands as desirable. By attributing a lack of success to their deeds, Trump is attacking them in ways that he would consider biting. The president shows that his dogma is built solely on the pursuit of success rather than based on religion or moral values. This is particularly reflected in the way he disregarded John McCain’s honor and courage, focusing on the fact that him being captured was a failure as a soldier.

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Lonely wolves. By calling terrorists "losers," Trump is underlining that the ones from the West tend to be socially marginalized, which is entirely correct, reports Jonah Goldberg. Omar Mateen, the Orlando nightclub shooter, and Salman Abedi, the Manchester suicide bomber, were both misfits. "Losers," people who aren’t fully integrated into society, are the perfect targets for radicalization. Extremists prey on such individuals, giving them a purpose, an outlet for their frustration with society. This turns them into the devoted warriors that, with little to lose to begin with, would end their own lives for the cause. Trump’s words highlight that Western individuals become terrorists, in part, due to social factors.

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