Does Trump have the right to rescind DACA?

His efforts to stop DACA are wrong

He clearly has the right to do so

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The way that the Trump administration went about trying to undo DACA didn’t follow the law as it should have, asserts Cristian Farias of New York Magazine. The program has stood for five years, withstanding every effort to revoke it. When Homeland Security temporarily rescinded DACA, it used flawed reasoning that it had been established on flawed grounds, which wasn’t the case. In fact, both the Supreme Court and Congress have supported the program. President Trump’s effort to abolish it was rightly halted by a federal judge in California. His team’s approach to this issue ignored the policy rules surrounding DACA.

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President Trump was entirely within his rights to reverse DACA, and the judge’s ruling that prevented him from doing so will likely be overturned, writes Josh Blackman of National Review. Just like Obama used executive action to create the program, Trump has the same power to undo it. Judge Alsup, who halted his decision, did so on the flimsy basis that Trump supports DACA but just wants to rescind it to give himself more political bargaining power. This reasoning is highly unusual and will likely be dismissed by the Supreme Court, which it has done with Alsup’s decisions before. Trump has the authority to stop DACA.

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