Our society needs affirmative action

It is flawed and creates many problems

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Affirmative action in colleges was set up to balance out the way that society prioritizes advancing white Americans’ prospects, asserts Steven Thrasher of Esquire. Elite universities are already made up of mostly white students, even more so than was the case two decades ago. Admission practices such as favoring ‘legacy’ end up strongly favoring white Americans. In the business world, this is even more apparent, where black women earn 67 cents for every dollar a white man makes, due to many factors that favor the latter. American society is imbalanced; affirmative action is necessary to create an equal playing field.

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The college admission process, and through it affirmative action, is highly flawed and in need of improvement, suggests KC Johnson of City Journal. Focusing on student ethnicity ignores other types of diversity, such as variety of ideals. Additionally, some admissions offices have discriminated against Asian-Americans due to deeply held prejudices. This group scores the highest on SATs but is marginalized to an extent due to quotas. Affirmative action has also been shown to put minority students in academic environments that they weren’t prepared for. Blind adherence to this admissions criteria can be problematic.

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