Was Trump right to raise debt ceiling?

Trump is right to raise debt ceiling

He is going against his Own promises

 Getty: Alex Wong / Staff

President Trump made the right decision in siding with Democrats to approve further disaster aid funding for the victims of Hurricane Harvey as well as raising the debt ceiling, suggests Peter Baker of the New York Times. This despite Republicans strongly opposing and condemning the president’s decision. After having led the government in a forceful way by using GOP majorities in Congress, Trump may be opening up to more productive cooperation with Democrats. Averting the shutdown of the government and providing relief to hurricane victims is a constructive development. Trump’s decision was smart, courageous and presidential.

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By capitulating to Democrats’ demands and raising the debt ceiling, Trump is giving them significant deciding power while undermining the GOP, holds Chris Pandolfo of Conservative Review. Now Democrats will be able to insert requirements on DACA, government funding and other projects of theirs. Republicans had the leverage, given their majority in Congress, but Trump needlessly helped out the opposition. Agreeing to Democrats raising the debt ceiling gives them unprecedented leeway in shaping policies. This decision goes against Trump’s agenda, the one his supporters voted for and expected to see enacted.

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