Is Trump right to take a 17-day vacation?

Like all presidents, Trump deserves a vacation

He's hypocritical, having bashed Obama breaks

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Like all presidents before him, Trump deserves a break as well, believes Simon Kelner of I News. He may seem hypocritical in taking time off, but this is an essential requirement for one of the most stressful jobs out there. Even now, as Trump is "on holiday," his position requires constantly being reachable, so it remains a working vacation. Therefore, the criticism he is getting is unjustified. The president’s high-intensity job means he needs the odd break to gather his senses. Him taking a holiday isn’t just good for himself but also for the country as a whole. A well-rested leader will be able to better serve his people with smarter decision-making.

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Trump taking a 17-day vacation is awfully hypocritical, having deeply criticized Obama for doing exactly the same thing during his time in office, argues John Haltiwanger of Elite Daily. Our current leader has played golf almost twice as much as Obama did during the same period of his presidency. In fact, Trump’s first year of traveling is predicted to cost taxpayers more than Obama did during his whole eight years in Washington. This is somewhat strange coming from a president who, on the campaign trail, said that he wouldn’t “be a president who goes on vacation.” Trump’s excessive time off reflects his deep hypocrisy.

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