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Is Trump Right To Want A Military Parade?

He just wants to boost his own ego

It would celebrate our heroes

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President Trump’s proposal for holding a military parade in Washington D.C. is superficial, representing his desire to affirm his influence and power, rather than actually celebrating our armed forces, suggests Windsor Mann of USA Today. Unlike authoritarian regimes like North Korea, the U.S. doesn’t boast about its military strength, which is clearly great. The president wants a spectacle that can remind him of the power he wields. He is all about image and a parade would validate his self-perception as an all-powerful leader. This money could be spent on the military itself, making it even stronger, rather than such a superficial event.

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A military parade would be a great celebration of the men and women that make this country great and, even more importantly, safe, believes Tammy Bruce of Fox News. President Trump’s idea to do so is not the mark of a dictator, as liberals excessively claim. He was inspired by France’s Bastille Day celebration, a leader of democracy. The parade wouldn’t be about Trump, rather it could serve to pay the due respect to our veterans, those who serve and past heroes that got America to where it is. After year’s of cutting military funding and presenting our army as a brute killing force by Obama, Trump will treat it with the dignity it deserves.

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