Is Trump’s approach to Iran correct?

Trump's Iran strategy is wrong

He's working to ensure peace

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The Trump administration’s strategy towards Iran is flawed, argues The Economist. Going against the Iran Nuclear Deal simply because it’s part of Obama’s legacy threatens to undo what little stability currently exists in the region. It is the best check on the country’s nuclear program. Iran is continuing to follow its guidelines. President Trump is wrong to talk about pulling out; what the region needs is more U.S. leadership. Iran can be dealt with through alliances, diplomacy and calculated maneuvers. America has a big part to play through and with its allies. But undoing the Iran Nuclear Deal, while pushing to get out, is the wrong path.

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The entities that encourage President Trump to keep the Iran Nuclear Deal in place do so out of a misplaced desire to hold onto a highly flawed diplomatic achievement, suggests Jonathan S. Tobin of National Review. When Obama signed the deal, he made numerous concessions out of a desire to get any form of arrangement done. The Iran Nuclear Deal does not ensure regional security or that Iran will not build nuclear weapons in the long term. Its backers fail to see this and continue to ignore Iran’s numerous breaches. To them, the deal represents a compromise. It may be, but it fails at its main purpose: ensuring peace. Trump is right to oppose the deal.

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