Trump's education cuts hurt the economy

He is rightly cutting ineffective programs

 Getty: Matt Cardy / Stringer

Trump’s goal to create economic growth with cuts to the American educational system will backfire and hurt the economy, claims Shaun M. Dougherty in Salon. Particularly ones that cut Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs have been shown to hurt economic growth as such schemes aid the professional development of American children and raise the chances of them getting employed after high school. The wider effects of this is that the workforce loses productivity and many individuals end up needing support such as welfare. With cuts to education, Trump is hurting the development of American workers.

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While touted as earth-shattering, Trump’s budget cuts are in fact smart as they cut redundant programs that have proven their uselessness over the years, argue Williamson M. Ever and Vicki E. Alger in the LA Times. Programs like TRIO and GEAR UP are being cut because they didn’t fulfill their goal of helping students in need. After careful evaluation, these and other schemes have been proven to be inefficient but they continue to be funded. Cutting needless costs is exactly what the country needs, and Trump is facing criticism for the wrong reasons. The president is making the American educational system better, not worse.

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