Were Trump’s latest comments too lenient on the far-right?

Trump erroneously downplayed neo-Nazism

He correctly criticized both sides' misdeeds

 Getty: Drew Angerer / Staff

Trump’s latest comments, which downplay white supremacists’ actions by equating them with those of liberal groups, ignore the truth for political gain, asserts Chris Cillizza of CNN. The president is choosing to protect a section of his supporter base, at the cost of properly condemning the alt-right and neo-Nazi movements. It was a member of this group that rammed his car into a group of protesters, killing one and injuring many more. Their ideology rests on the inferiority of other people because of their ethnicity or religious beliefs. Trump’s soft and un-presidential words will embolden the alt-right even further.

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Trump was correct to separate extremist white supremacists from a larger group of conservative protesters, believes Star Parker. Most of them were protesting the removal of a historic statue of a confederate general, which is entirely in their right. Violence was enacted by both groups; Trump made the right choice in condemning all forms of it. Movements on the left claim moral superiority, when they, too, use brutal tactics. Hate has come from either side, which needs to be stomped out. Liberals see their ideology as superior when their behavior is just as bad as that of white supremacists, both of which Trump rightly condemned.      

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