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Should Trump’s mental health be evaluated?

His actions indicate mental issues

These claims are liberal fantasy

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President Trump has shown many signs of having psychological issues and it would be in the country’s best interest to have his mental health examined, claims psychologist Bandy Lee in an interview with Vox. The worry is that he’s unable to cope with the weight of the presidency. Denying things he himself said in the Access Hollywood tape suggested a slipping grip on reality. Frequent and belligerent Tweets and exaggerated threats to North Korea indicate a growing attraction to violence. While it is impossible to fully understand Trump's mind from afar, this is the exact reason why an examination is needed, to certify his mental aptitude.

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The growing talk about President Trump’s allegedly poor mental health and the discussion of his removal from office for this reason is rooted in partisan frustration, not medical concern, asserts Mollie Hemingway of The Federalist. Ever since Trump got elected, left-leaning people frustrated by his victory have done everything to de-legitimize his presidency. Assertions about him being psychologically unwell are just another form of this anger. Trump is no less fit for office now than when the American people chose him as their leader. Ideas about invoking the 25th amendment and forcefully ousting him sound like a coup more than anything else.

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