Was Trump’s “nuclear button” tweet justified?

Trump is alienating our allies

He's right to show strength

 Getty: Win McNamee / Staff

President Trump’s tweet boasting about his nuclear capabilities in a thinly veiled threat to North Korea risks hurting America’s foreign policy interests, infers David Jackson of USA Today. His provocative language could undermine US allies’ trust in him as they might fear him doing something impulsive. Nuclear war is a distinct possibility with North Korean as the US has not ruled out military intervention. Allies might choose to withhold intelligence about the regime, fearing that Trump could use it to start a war. Without confidence in American diplomacy and cool-headedness, countries might be less willing to cooperate with the US.

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President Trump’s tweet was a necessary confirmation of toughness, calling Kim Jong-un’s bluff and reminding the world of America’s capabilities, holds Tom Rogan of the Washington Examiner. The president responded to a direct nuclear threat from the dictator. He is right to meet North Korean hostility with determination; it was the refusal of Obama’s administration to do so that led to many diplomatic failures. Not just keeping the regime in check, Trump is sending important signals to China, a major player in this situation. If it truly fears US intervention, China will pressure North Korea into making concessions. This is good foreign policy.

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