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Are Trump’s Supporters losing Faith in him?

Trump's support is dwindling

Actually, his base remains devoted

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While President Trump’s hardcore supporters remain loyal to him, the swing voters that enabled him to win the 2016 election are becoming increasingly dissatisfied with his presidency, writes Taylor Link of Salon. The poor Republican performance in Virginia is a symptom of this. Many Trump voters from areas that had previously voted Democrat or saw support for Trump grow significantly over the election, aren’t happy with the job he’s doing. A growing number of them disagree with his divisiveness and believe he is hurting America’s image abroad. Trump’s poll number are getting worse as time goes on. His supporters are losing faith.

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The low presidential approval ratings that some polls have published fail to cover President Trump's support among likely voters, reports Euronews. A poll comparing the general population’s perception of him, versus how people that actually voted in the 2016 election feel, found that the latter held a more favorable view of him. Trump has a stronger support among people that are likely to vote again. In fact, 82% of Republicans that voted for him in 2016 still view him favorably. News about his apparently low opinion polls don't reflect the beliefs of actual voters. Trump is still an immensely popular figure across the country, his support remains solid.

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