How was Trump’s Warsaw speech?

Trump's Warsaw speech was inflammatory

He rightly identified today's biggest concerns

 Getty: Chip Somodevilla / Staff

Trump’s speech in Warsaw worryingly pitted “Western” values against those of the rest of the world, spreading prejudiced and belligerent ideas, suggests Peter Beinart of The Atlantic. The president’s use of terms like “West” drew ethnic and religious lines, only loosely based on geography. His manner of describing terrorism as a force that could overthrow “the West” was hugely exaggerated. ISIS, the biggest current terror threat, is on the brink of defeat. Trump’s narrative only makes sense if Muslim immigration is perceived as an invasion. His speech didn’t defend Western ideals, but white Christian hegemony.

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Current world issues, such as the growing enemies of the West, were addressed perfectly during Trump’s speech, holds Matthew Continetti of Free Beacon. He understands that the current struggles aren’t taking place on battlefields but in minds. The West should stay united and loyal to its ideals of democracy and liberty for all. Countries that don’t hold these values, such as Russia, China and North Korea currently pose a significant threat. America and its allies have to stay vigilant to make sure that they remain on top by recognizing threats before it’s too late. Victory in the battle of minds guarantees longterm success and safety.

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