Has the U.S. done enough for Puerto Rico?

America hasn't helped Puerto Rico enough

Actually, the necessary aid has been given

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Puerto Rico has been caught in a PR dispute with President Trump over blame-calling, while necessary aid after Hurricane Maria has been catastrophically limited, infers Paul Krugman of The New York Times. Over a third of Puerto Ricans have not had access to clean drinking water for three weeks. Diseases are spreading, and only a sixth of people have power. Health care is collapsing and some parts even suffer from food shortages. Meanwhile, Trump has pointed fingers at Puerto Ricans, blaming them for their problems while doing the bare minimum to help. Their ethnicity might even be a strong factor in getting far worse treatment than any U.S. state.

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President Trump may have not gone about helping Puerto Rico in the right manner in terms of publicity, but the necessary hurricane aid has been given where it was needed, asserts Ian Schwartz of Real Clear Politics. A Puerto Rico delegate in the U.S. House of Representatives confirmed that resources are getting to where they are needed. Trump has been treating the island like any other state. His demeanor and controversial way of talking about the issue made some people angry, but he provided the necessary aid. That is all that matters to the people of Puerto Rico. The American relief effort is doing everything possible to help them.

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