Ben & Jerry's is fighting for gay rights

This is simply just a publicity stunt

 Getty: Alberto E. Rodriguez / Staff

Ben & Jerry’s no longer selling ice cream with two scoops of the same flavor is a creative way of raising awareness for legalizing gay marriage in Australia, writes Bill Browning of LGBTQ Nation. Additionally, in each of their stores the company provides post boxes for customers to drop letters for parliament. This move aims to encourage Australian citizens to address their government and change the country’s outdated laws. Raising awareness for gay people’s fight for equal rights by slightly inconveniencing its customers is a great move by Ben & Jerry’s, suggests Browning.

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The ice cream company’s effort to raise awareness for gay rights may be nice but is likely inspired by publicity rather than moral values, infers Johnny Lieu of AOL News. He reports that 72% of Australians already agree with gay marriage, which poses the question whether Ben & Jerry’s is actually making a tangible difference or just a superficial one. This poses the question why they don’t do this in less gay-friendly countries where their ice cream is sold. Lieu sees this as part of a larger trend of ‘pinkwashing,’ corporations cashing in on support for certain ideologies with liberal campaigns.

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