Was Killing The Iran Deal The Right Decision?

The deal was poor and had to end

This puts us on a war path with Iran

 Getty: Chip Somodevilla / Staff

President Trump was right to decertify the Iran nuclear deal, asserts Bret Stephens of The New York Times. It was too flawed to maintain, especially since the country continued to fund terrorist activity, fight a proxy war in Yemen and develop its missile program. Trump understands that the deal was too lenient, especially given Iran’s weak position. Its economy is declining and sanctions relief didn’t help. The country can’t afford to continue its nuclear program now as it would cause too much economic damage. Fears of war are overblown; the deck is strongly stacked against Iran in this case. Trump is right to get tougher on it.

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Pulling out of the Iran nuclear deal was a huge mistake that is motivated by a misguided desire to isolate the country, holds Stephen M. Walt of Foreign Policy. Iran was complying with the nuclear deal, as monitors and US intelligence have attested. If President Trump wanted to stop its activity in Syria and Lebanon, he should have coordinated with other countries to apply pressure. Without the deal, confrontation between Iran and Israel has become more likely. Pushing for regime change or war is a disastrous plan that has failed in the past. This poor strategy is influenced by saber-rattlers in the White House and Middle East.

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