Were Kyle Rittenhouse’s Actions Justified?

He deserves to be in jail

Rittenhouse is innocent

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The Kyle Rittenhouse trial highlights how lenient the law is with white men that commit violence, believes Peniel E. Joseph of CNN. It is telling that the judge forbade calling the people he shot "victims" but allowed them to be labelled "rioters" and "looters," two words with strong racial undertones and history. Rittenhouse purposefully took an AR-15 across state lines to confront Black Lives Matter protesters. It is comical to portray him as a victim, as is the way the right has defended him. From his first police encounter to now, Rittenhouse has been treated with leniency that black Americans could only dream of. If he does get judged innocent, it will be a stain on US society.

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The condemnation of Kyle Rittenhouse is motivated by politics, not justice, holds Christine Flowers of the Delaware County Daily Times. His only sins are youthful ignorance and underestimating the hostility of the crowd he confronted. His claims for self-defense are legitimate; he found himself in a situation that justified such a response. When a gun is pointed at you, you respond proportionally. Rittenhouse did just that and is still being smeared for it by the media. People calling the trial skewed are also blinded by politics. It is very strange that some have called the Rittenhouse case proof of white supremacy in our society. He will likely walk free, and deservedly so.

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