Was Moving The US Embassy To Jerusalem Right?

This makes a peace deal less likely

It can work towards peace

 Getty: Chris McGrath / Staff

The decision to move the US embassy to Jerusalem sows tension by indirectly validating Israel’s claim to the whole city and ignoring that of Palestinians’ to its east, argues the editorial board of Haaretz. The international community refrains from recognizing the city as Israel’s capital as this status should be confirmed in conjunction with recognizing Palestine’s claim to its eastern part. President Trump’s move supports the approach of the Israeli government, which has worked to take over land claimed by Palestinians and hurts the peace process. This decision would sit better if Trump was open to having a US embassy in the east of the city too.

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America moving its embassy to Jerusalem can be a positive step forward in the peace process between Israel and Palestine, writes Daniel B. Shapiro for CNN. In essence, it validated a fact that had long been true, that west Jerusalem is the seat of the Israeli government and the country’s capital. Any peace treaty had to be built on this factor anyway, so it does not close the door to recognizing east Jerusalem as the capital of a future Palestinian state. Just like there are historic Jewish sites within the city, the Arab claim to its eastern neighborhood is undeniable. Already, Israeli politicians on the right are warming to the idea of ceding the east to Palestine.

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