Was The FBI’s Firing Of Peter Strzok Justified?

He allowed politics into his work

He was fired without solid evidence

 Getty: Chip Somodevilla / Staff

The FBI was right to fire its agent, Peter Strzok, for having let his personal political opinions affect an investigation of national importance, argues Chris Swecker for Fox News. Strzok exchanged anti-Trump messages with a colleague during their probe of the 2016 US election. He also used a private email server to send and receive information that was classified. He broke several FBI rules, soiling the agency’s reputation. During Strzok's work concerning Hillary Clinton, he showed attitudes that were favorable towards her. The FBI maintains a strict code of not allowing personal feelings to affect investigations. By violating it, Strzok made his firing inevitable.

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FBI agent Peter Strzok was fired for unjust reasons, asserts John Cassidy of The New Yorker. While he did send anti-Trump texts to another agent from his private phone, no evidence was presented that his beliefs influenced his work. Unless such evidence were to surface, this likely means the FBI bowed to political pressure from Trump and right-wing media. That sets a dangerous precedent, as the rule of law should be the only factor that decides such matters. It also means that the president knows that if he applies enough pressure on the Russia investigation, he will be able to get similar results that go in his favor. Strzok should not have been fired.

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