Was the Peter Strzok House Hearing significant?

It did not reveal anything new

Strzok answered key questions

 Getty Images: Chip Somodevilla

Though hours of GOP questioning during the House Judiciary Committee hearing of FBI agent Peter Strzok revealed that he did not like Donald Trump or want him to be elected president, his text messages already showed this, so the hearing did not reveal anything new or significant, believes Michael Warren of the Weekly Standard. In fact, adds Warren, since the GOP did not provide any new evidence that Strzok’s personal bias against Trump influenced his work at the FBI or at the Department of Justice, the hearing was of no consequence. The GOP’s intent to use Strzok’s bias against Trump as reason to dismiss the current investigation into alleged Russian election interference is not valid.

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While many aspects of the House Judiciary Committee hearing of FBI agent Peter Strzok’s questionable conduct contained more heated partisan posturing than insight, there were several significant moments that mattered because they raised substantive questions about the investigations into both Clinton and Trump, assert Alana Abramson, Nash Jenkins, Abby Vesoulis and Abigail Simon in Time.  These moments included Strzok discussing for the first time how the wording of a statement criticizing Clinton’s use of a private server was changed to less harsh wording before it was issued, why Strzok was removed from the current Mueller investigation, and what Strzok meant when he previously said that Trump would not be president.

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