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Was Trump Justified In Firing Jeff Sessions?

Sessions proved to be incompetent

He put the law before loyalty to Trump

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Jeff Sessions’ multiple failures in his role as U.S. Attorney General made his termination a necessity, holds Gregg Jarrett of Fox News. He completely mishandled key moments related to the Russia investigation. Crucially, he facilitated the appointment of Special Counsel Robert Mueller without the necessary proof of crime that was needed. This resulted in the ongoing probe that has revealed little while causing huge waves. From the get-go, Sessions undermined President Trump. Additionally, he failed to properly investigate former FBI Chief James Comey, several FBI agents and Hillary Clinton for their roles in paying for and spreading allegations about Russian ties to Donald Trump.

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Donald Trump fired Jeff Sessions not because he was incompetent but because he didn’t protect Trump more from the legitimate Russia investigation, asserts Lawrence Douglas of The Guardian. Sessions recused himself from it because he had "mis-remembered" having met with Russians during Trump’s campaign. This was unforgivable to the president, who would have fired Sessions earlier if it wouldn’t have been so controversial, given the recent firing of James Comey. The now former U.S. Attorney General rightly put the sanctity of his office above loyalty to Trump, which is why he was fired. The president has appointed a more loyal man in his stead, who will do everything possible to choke the Russia probe.

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