Was Trump Right In His Baltimore & Elijah Cummings Criticism?

Trump is right, the city is in shambles

His statements are born from racism

 Getty: Chip Somodevilla / Staff

President Donald Trump was right in his criticism of Baltimore and the city’s mayor, Elijah Cummings, argues Seth Barron of the New York Post. Baltimore is a prime example of a city that has been run terribly, for which Cummings, who has held elected office for four decades, bears some responsibility. Among the 30 largest US cities, it has the highest crime rate. No other place equals its more than 50 homicides for 100,000 people, which rivals of Venezuela and El Salvador. Bernie Sanders made very similar comments to Trump in 2015. Still, the president is being lambasted for stating a generally agreed-upon truth.

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President Donald Trump's blasting of Baltimore and its mayor, Elijah Cummings, was tinted in racist ideals, asserts Goldie Taylor of The Daily Beast. He has shown no aversion to using bigoted language, having told minority US Congresswomen to "go back" to places other than America, among other controversial statements. His criticism was born from identity politics against black Americans. Singling out this city and its people comes as no surprise from a president who has made many racist statements. Baltimore has problems, but they are born from racism, such as that of the Jim Crow era. Pointing the finger, and not acknowledging the city's systemic difficulties ignores the full picture.

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