Which Party is Guilty of Escalating the Civility War?

The Left is promoting violence

The incivility starts with Trump

 Getty Images: David McNew

Despite a booming economy, the Left choose to see only darkness and hopelessness, calling President Trump a racist and equating him with Nazis. While this exaggeration lowers levels of civility, Democrats' calls to harass Trump officials in public, jokes about killing Trump, destroying the White House, and even a mock beheading of the president show that the Left has taken resistance to new, dangerous levels, argues Matt Vespa in Townhall. Liberals' talk about the breakdown of civility while hypocritically spouting profanities at the president and his daughter. The fact that Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders needs extra Secret Service protection suggests that the Left's opposition to Trump has taken an ominous turn.

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President Trump has repeatedly used derogatory terms and unpresidential language in public to describe immigrants and others, lowering the nation’s standards for civility. For Democrats, seeing their nation’s leader show a lack of respect for others, including journalists, lawmakers, political opponents and allies, and the law, have provoked them to respond to his insults with their own, argue Peter Baker and Katie Rogers in The New York Times.  Incivility is contagious, not only when Americans experience it firsthand but also when they read or see it, and Trump displays it regularly. The Left may be crossing boundaries, but they have already been shattered by the President himself in his presidential messaging.

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