Will the Comey scandal bring down Trump’s presidency?

Comey scandal will end Trump's presidency

He'll survive this scandal just as the others

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The latest revelations that President Trump supposedly asked former FBI Director James Comey to close an investigation into former national security advisor Mike Flynn may be the president's undoing, suggests Abigail Tracy in Vanity Fair. If proven true, this information, cited by The New York Times from a leaked memo written by Comey, suggests that the president attempted to interfere with a Justice Department investigation. This could lead to an impeachment process, says Tracy, adding that obstructuion of justice was the argument used to impeach President Richard Nixon, who resigned in 1974. This is just the latest in a string of suspicious actions by Trump involving Comey.  

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The latest development in the James Comey scandal will not end Trump's presidency unless the Republicans agree it should, contends Dylan Mathhews in Vox. Listing a number of previous significant controversies that critics all thought would end Trump's political career but didn't, Matthews asserts that this time will be no different. So far, Republicans have not sought any action against the president for allegedly requesting ex-FBI Director James Comey to end an investigation into Mike Flynn and are taking a passive "wait and see" approach. To end Trump's presidency, it would take a majority of both House and Senate Republicans to seek Trump's impeachment, which is unlikely, says Matthews.

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