Will Hillary Clinton run again in 2020?

She will not run again

The rumors have merit

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Despite rumors suggesting that Hillary Clinton may run again as the Democratic nominee in the 2020 US presidential election, the likelihood of her running for US president a third time is slim, argues Jacob Heilbrunn in Spectator. One idea driving the belief that she would run is that the Democratic party needs someone to unite its far left and mainstream factions, which seem to be drifting further and further apart. Clinton will not likely take on the role of party unifier, as she did not have full party support in the last election. Additionally, her candidacy would most likely be welcomed more by the Republican party than by her fellow Democrats, a large portion of which preferred Bernie Sanders over her. This is reason enough not to run.

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It is highly plausible that Hillary Clinton will run for US president in 2020, asserts Joel Gilbert in American Thinker. Her path to win the Democratic primaries will be easy, given her name recognition and her already established loyal voters. She also has large potential to raise vast sums of money. Plus, leftist organizers are reportedly already working in important swing states to register new voters that would tip the balance from 2016.  Also, the fact that she will be 73 in 2020, like Trump, means that it will most likely be her last chance at the Oval Office, since voters will probably prefer younger candidates in 2024. Another motivator is that Trump may not be the Republican candidate in 2020, which could increase her chances.

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