Will LeBron Stay With The Cavs Next Season?

It's LeBron's hometown, so he'll stay

He might leave for political reasons

 Getty: Maddie Meyer / Staff

The ties that LeBron James has to Cleveland and nearby Akron give him a special reason to stay with the Cavs, believes Quenton S. Albertie of Fansided. It’s the place where he was born and lived in for most of his life. This is where he met his wife and developed his skills as a basketball player. Being able to play in a place he calls home is something LeBron will think twice about changing. Dwyane Wade, whom LeBron knows well, left Miami only to return after suffering from being away. Being at home in the city that you play for is a huge asset that shouldn’t be lost on LeBron. He likely knows this and will most probably stay in Cleveland.

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There is a strong likelihood that LeBron James will no longer be playing for the Cleveland Cavaliers next season, infers Chris Sheridan of The issue is the clash between his liberal political stance and the conservative values of Cavs owner, Dan Gilbert. He is a known Trump supporter, having donated three-quarters of a million dollars to the president’s inauguration fund. LeBron, meanwhile has shown staunch opposition to Trump, calling him a “bum” on Twitter, and publicly claiming that the president “really doesn’t give a f*** about the people.” LeBron might find a less hostile climate in a team not owned by Gilbert.

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