Will the Mueller Investigation impact Trump?

Trump should worry about it

So far, it's nothing but hot air

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Special Counsel Robert Mueller is uncovering more and more evidence that implicates President Trump and those close to him, writes Eric Levitz of New York Mag. Paul Manafort’s ties to Russia, as well as his proximity to the U.S. president signals that the Russia collusion story holds truth. Trump’s behavior, from firing FBI director James Comey to many members of his campaign and family meeting with people close to Russia, doesn’t bode well for him. Bit by bit, as more evidence unfolds, the toppling of Trump's presidency becomes increasingly likely. The GOP must be careful how much it defends actions that might soon seem indefensible. Mueller is only getting started, which should worry Trump.

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Liberals have strongly exaggerated the weight of Robert Mueller's investigation to validate their fantasy of seeing President Trump impeached, holds Jonathan S. Tobin of National Review. Indicting Paul Manafort and others that worked on the Trump campaign may not reflect well on the president, but has little to do with Trump himself. No direct accusations of collusion with Russia have been brought against him by Mueller. Trump’s campaign team engaged in contact with people that had ties to Russia to get dirt on Clinton, a common practice during elections. Other than that, there was little to indicate that the president or his team did anything wrong. Mueller’s investigation has proven nothing.

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