Will Republicans Confront Trump over the Trade War?

They may hate tariffs but won’t confront him

They are and will continue to confront him

 Getty Images: Justin Sullivan

It seems that in the eyes of the Republican Party, President Trump can do no wrong, even as the trade war with China is officially heating up. Despite that US companies are already feeling the effects of Trump’s tariffs on China, Canada and the EU, and angry constituents are contacting their GOP Congressmen because of them, the party as a whole does not appear capable or willing to confront the president about his mistaken view that other countries can't fight back or survive a trade war, argues Heather Digby Parton in Salon. She adds that while there is some movement among some Republicans to make Trump reconsider his reasoning for imposing tariffs, this hint of confrontation, if at all, still seems months away, which will be too little too late.

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President Trump’s sweeping tariffs on exports from major US allies and trading partners - and more in the pipeline - have provoked many of them to retaliate with hard-hitting tariffs of their own. In response, lawmakers from both parties, stirred by anger and anxiety, are confronting the president about his need to stop erroneously using protectionism to boost the US economy, argues Zeeshan Aleem in Vox. Republican lawmakers are now formulating a bill in the Senate Finance Committee that could limit Trump’s powers to issue tariffs on foreign aluminum and steel imports in addition to other senators, who are contemplating adding an amendment to an upcoming farm bill that could have similar results. There is GOP opposition and more to come.

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