Who Will Suffer More From A Government Shutdown?

A shutdown would hurt the GOP

It would be a big loss for Democrats

 Getty: Win McNamee / Staff

Evidence from the past indicates that a government shutdown would hurt the party that’s in power, reports Philip Elliott of Time. Republicans only have something to lose if they allow it to go this far. The first midterm election is hard on most presidencies and Trump would be giving his opposition the fuel for a major takeover of Congress. Shutting down the government would also cost billions in lost productivity. The public sees whoever is in the Oval Office as an authority figure and generally blames them for having allowed things to get that bad.  Democrats would strongly benefit from this while the GOP would suffer.

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Shutting down the government would be a big loss for the Democratic Party, holds Michael Graham of CBS News. The border security issues such as DACA or sanctuary cities that they are fighting the GOP over don’t resonate with Americans. Most believe that the border needs better protection, 80% oppose sanctuary cities; particularly after one such city saw a repeat offender that had been protected from deportation shoot a woman. The fact that the New York truck terrorist and the failed Port Authority suicide bomber came in due to immigration loopholes doesn’t help. The GOP would benefit from a government shutdown.

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