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Will The Gov’t Shutdown Benefit Trump?

There is no way this won't hurt him

Past shutdowns didn't hurt the GOP

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It is highly unlikely that shutting down the government over funding for a border wall will turn out to be a success for President Trump, believes the editorial board of National Review. Democrats are set up to gain more power the longer it goes on. First off, Trump clearly taking responsibility for the shutdown will not fare well with the public, which doesn’t like shutdowns. Because of this, fewer people are blaming Democrats for the current situation. Additionally, the GOP’s support for the shutdown comes through clenched teeth. Party unity is key in succeeding here. Overly hung up over the wall, Trump is hurting himself politically with the shutdown.

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Strong support for the border wall makes Donald Trump’s government shutdown a necessary show of force, holds Henry Olsen of The Washington Post. While it may not gain him more support among the general population, it will unite his base and is distant enough from the next election not to affect it too much. Past examples from 1981, 1984, 1996 and 2013 show that voters won’t turn against the GOP, even if it was blamed for shutting down the government. Many Americans share Trump’s view that the border isn’t secure and understand that a shutdown is necessary. It is unlikely to have any negative consequences for him.

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