Would Joe Biden Be A Good Presidential Candidate?

He would take the party back, not forward

His bipartisan approach is very popular

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Joe Biden’s political past makes him a less than ideal candidate for US president, holds Jamelle Bouie of The New York Times. His regressive policies would undermine the progressive plans of the new Democratic Party. He had a strong hand in legislation that punishes minor crimes and drug crimes. In the 70s, Biden defended white communities that pushed back against providing buses for minority children to go to their schools. As an antidote for Trumpism, Democrats need to take a more progressive path than that which Biden offers. He may have cleaned up his image, being Barack Obama’s vice-president, and adopting more modern stances on certain topics, but with a wealth of young and modern candidates to choose from, Democrats would be smart to look elsewhere.

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As the Democratic Party veers towards the extreme left, Joe Biden represents the bipartisan ideals that could help the nation heal, asserts Juleanna Glover is Politico. Only Bernie Sanders is currently more popular than Biden. He is very popular with the working class, which has been feeling increasingly alienated from the Democratic Party. His domestic and foreign ideals are sound, and he is a leader. The speech Biden gave during John McCain’s funeral showed the stoicism and grace that America badly needs in the White House again. His center-left approach and big name recognizability would put him in a niche that isn’t being filled by the current political ecosystem. After Trump’s divisiveness, Biden’s qualities could lead him to victory, even as a third-party candidate.

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