How accomplished is Andy Reid’s NFL coaching career?

He changed the way football is played

His career lacks a vital Super Bowl win

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Andy Reid’s unique vision and tactical intelligence has shaped the way that football is played in the NFL today. He’s a pioneer of the game like no other, infers Kevin Clark of The Ringer. One example is his introduction of the “spread” offensive, which sees multiple receivers widen the offensive with a quarterback spreading the ball from a “shotgun” formation. This allows for defenses to be dispersed and, ultimately, broken. Reid picked this tactic up from college football and implemented it in the NFL, where almost all teams use some version of it today. His innovation is second to none.

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While Andy Reid may have had a special career, his legacy will always be haunted by the fact that he hasn’t been able to crown it with a Super Bowl, believes Vahe Gregorian of The Kansas City Star. Reaching 13 out of 19 playoffs as a coach is no small feat, but he has been unable to overcome the final hurdle of winning the biggest prize in football. Those close to him have sensed the large frustration Reid himself feels from the Super Bowl having eluded him year after year. To truly cement himself as one of the all-time greats, he needs to ensure that he succeeds at the highest level.

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