'Atomic Blonde' is a big success

Its narrative is messy and disorienting

 Youtube: Universal Pictures

Atomic Blonde is a beautifully filmed action movie that excites like no other, holds Todd VanDerWerff of Vox. Charlize Theron delivers a wonderful performance as an elegant and dangerous secret agent, giving us a cool protagonist to root for. The fight scenes are fantastically choreographed and add a distinctive grit to the movie. Good cinematography and directing helps this aspect really flourish, creating a movie that doesn’t pull any punches. Unexpected flashes of humor add a perfect balance to the grim violence. Atomic Blonde doesn’t take itself too seriously, creating a movie that is fun and hugely exciting.

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Convoluted and disjointed, Atomic Blonde’s crass action doesn’t make up for a plot that is distinctively uninspiring, writes Graeme Tucckett of Stuff. The narrative tries to do too much, with twists and turns that disorient while making it very hard to be drawn in. Character development is lacking while some of the film’s personalities are ridiculously unbelievable. Fight scenes are the movie’s strong suit, but it relies on them too heavily, drawing them out far too much. The film’s story doesn’t manage to find continuity and feels clunky most of the time. Atomic Blonde’s attempts at depth fall comically short.

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