Should baseball apply the plate-blocking rule?

MLB right to prevent unnecessary collisions

No, plate-blocking is a part of baseball

 Getty: Ezra Shaw / Staff

When the Chicago Cubs’ Willson Contreras blocked the home plate to out Charlie Culberson of the LA Dodgers he broke the rules that ultimately ensure the safety of all MLB athletes, report Whitney McIntosh and Eric Stephen in SB Nation. Catchers aren’t allowed to block runners’ paths if they don't have the ball. It’s only okay if they move into their paths while catching the ball. Blocking the home plate in advance, like Contreras, did risks needless collisions and is therefore against the rules. This rule may not appeal to all, but it prevents players from injuring each other over such situations. The MLB is right to protect its players.

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The MLB’s over-protective regulation of baseball has made some of the most exciting parts of the game illegal and is counterproductive, holds Lee Judge of Kansas City. Contreras blocking the plate from the on-rushing Culberson just as he received a one-hop throw from teammate Kyle Schwarber was pure genius. This kind of quick-witted team cooperation and reaction should be celebrated, not regulated. MLB is needlessly wrapping its athletes in cotton wool. Malicious behavior must be punished, but broadly forbidding certain plays takes away baseball’s tactical edge. Most baseball lovers want to see this kind of action.

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