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Can McGregor beat Mayweather?

McGregor can beat Mayweather

It's incredibly unlikely to happen

 Getty: Matthew Lewis / Stringer

In their upcoming fight, Conor McGregor’s non-boxing background might give him an advantage over Floyd Mayweather, claims Philip O’Connor of Reuters. His experience in mixed martial arts means his fighting style will be unpredictable and dangerous. Mayweather doesn’t have any boxing footage of his challenger, meaning he risks getting surprised. McGregor boasts a powerful left that has knocked out opponents in under 12 seconds before. Quick on his feet and rapid to strike, he poses a significant threat to Mayweather, who will need to be cautious or find himself seeing stars.

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When boxing fans first heard about the McGregor-Mayweather fight, it was deemed a farce. It still is, though a one-sided one, suggests Adam Caparell of Complex. The massive marketing campaign, led by the supremely confident Conor McGregor has created the illusion that he stands a chance against his opponent, which simply isn’t the case. A non-boxer such as McGregor going into the ring with a boxing legend that has won 49 times and has never lost has very few ways to succeed. Floyd Mayweather is so highly experienced that McGregor will likely land very few blows. This fight simply isn't equal.

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