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Did Juventus make a good deal acquiring Cristiano Ronaldo?

It’s expensive but worthwhile

The deal is too risky to be profitable

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Italy's Juventus has made a good deal signing Cristiano Ronaldo. In the week preceding the announcement of his transfer from Real Madrid, speculation alone drove up Juventus’s stock price by 33%, a hint of more windfall to come, asserts James Horncastle in ESPN. Additionally, Juventus fans have already bought season tickets, even after a 30% price increase, suggesting that Ronaldo will bring in more fans eager to believe that he'll help the team, runners-up in two of the past four seasons, win the Champions League final. Aside from the potential boost in brand enhancement that comes with winning the Champions League, Ronaldo guarantees a significant boost in the team’s global exposure. Given his more than 300 million followers across social media, he will introduce or strengthen Juventus's presence worldwide. The team will benefit and profit from Ronaldo’s celebrity status.  

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Cristiano Ronaldo’s transfer from Real Madrid to Italy’s Juventus is a terrible business deal, especially for the team, believes Juan Ignacio García-Ochoa of Marca. While news of the signing of Ronaldo may have made sensational headlines in Italy, the financial burden for the Italian club is worrying, especially since it has struggled to raise money for the 340 million euro deal. Plus, the Portuguese forward is about to turn 34, which may mean his days on the pitch are numbered, which will negatively affect his potential profitability for them. At 33, his body will need rest to perform in important games. His four-year contract means that he'll be 35 while with Juventus, and to make his deal worthwhile to the club, he may have to play 50 matches a year. It's hard to see this occurring when, during the last season, he missed seven La Liga matches and six Copa del Rey matches due to his body's need to rest.

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