Does Baseball Need Fixing?

It has become far too slow and dull

It's still fun & shouldn't be changed

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Baseball is in dire need of reform as the growth of the strikeout has made the game a lot less enjoyable, holds Tom Verducci of Sports Illustrated. The practice was far rarer in the past. At the end of July, there will have been more strikeouts in half a season than in the entire 1980 season. Number-crunching front offices have pushed managers to use it to their advantage. A key element of the modern game is to prevent the other team from hitting a home run and overwhelming it with strike-outs. This slows down the game dramatically and makes it much less exciting to watch. If baseball wants to be more appealing, it will need to change.

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While not every aspect of baseball may be perfect, that doesn’t mean it needs to revolutionized, infers Paul Sullivan of the Chicago Tribune. Proposals like banning the shift would go too far and warp a game that is still highly enjoyable. Baseball has gone through many phases, some better, some worse, and should not be overhauled to fit current moods. The current format allows for special things, such as incredible comebacks by weak sides, and lets the home run remain something special to see. It should be allowed to change naturally, over time. True baseball fans still appreciate the sport, none withstanding its flaws.

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