Should ESPN have pulled commentator Robert Lee?

ESPN wrong to pull commentator Robert Lee

They protected him from being mocked

 Getty: Chip Somodevilla / Staff

ESPN pulling Robert Lee from commentating a University of Virginia football game for having the same name as the Confederate general is highly ridiculous, feels Ben Domenech of The Federalist. Besides the fact that Lee is of Asian descent, this gesture is a testament of the severity of today’s political correctness. The network may have intended to avoid him ending up as the butt of jokes on the internet, but this issue resulted in the whole network becoming a laughing stock instead. Removing Lee from commentating this game was highly unnecessary and shows to what lengths people now go not to offend anyone.

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The decision to change commentators for a college football game in Charlottesville was made in order to protect ESPN commentator Robert Lee from the online ridicule that would have ensued, claims Roxanne Jones of CNN. ESPN is justified in this choice, having understood the way that the internet works. Furthermore, Lee was simply given another game to cover. Having someone with the same name as the Confederate statue in Charlottesville, which people ended up dying over, commentate a game in that city was just unnecessary. Lee himself agreed with the decision, understanding that he would have been needlessly derided.

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